Blockstar Planet

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The following work, is for the game Blockstar Planet which I currently work on. BSP is a game which is mostly driven by player generated content. My role is to create 3D content which players either buy either through micro transactions or purchase using in game currency. Since most of the content in game is player driven, it means that the 3D work I make, Is mostly made to enhance their own content. The work breaks down as following.

  1. Chassis/Legs: are the base which they use to build and personalize their own avatars.

  2. Weapons: Attached to their avatars and used in battle.

  3. Pets: Recently added is the ability for VIP/paying players to buy a pet,level it up and buy cosmetic items for in game.

  4. VIP exclusives : Special items offered for a limited time to encourage players to become VIP. These exclusive items can come in the form of either a chassis/legs or a weapon.

  5. World Specials : Special items that when placed in a player made level can affect the game play such as deadly traps, power ups, teleporters, special backgrounds,skydomes and social items.

  6. 3D items used for UI and tutorials.

Since our game is player driven, we have no specific art style so the work I make can go from realistic to the off the wall wacky.

3D artist/animator

Moviestar Planet